Hi all! Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you are with your love(s) and planning to dance the night away. I am one for two, but glad to be home nonetheless.

How was your year? Ups? Downs? Mine was mostly middle to up. I was granted some necessary upgrades. I had a lot of success with my art and writing. Thankful for the shares, invitations, and exposure.

I am almost finished with the book! I am just stuck on the ending. Appropriately, as it is NYE. Ha. I currently have it as a motivational “bounce back” sequence. But hold up- the remix/better idea.

Having no complaints from beta readers, I thought it was fine, but you know the creative mind (and critic). “Make it more like your key takeaways. What did you learn? What do you advise for others in the field?” Like an expaned DO and DON’T section.

Example: DO Have empathy. DON’T turn your back.

Now the task is familiar: keep my motivation going and get it on the document.

Blessings to all for 2020!!!

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