Tiffany Marcum

About Me: 

I have been a creative artist and writer since birth in Kentucky. The Billie and Curtis Owens Award for Fiction Writing was a surprising win in 2006. Later in 2010, An Essay win spurred efforts onward. Studying Social Sciences, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2007. I am taking part in the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project 2021. While I am creating, check out my articles on language.

Tales From Sabbatical- A Postcard From Behavioral Healthcare

My Career Memoir is COMING SOON! This is a bit of a teaser for my cover. And yes, that’s me!

Behavioral health and caregiving collide!

“…Tales From Sabbatical will leave you with a heightened awareness of the somewhat fragile human condition, the silent killer of compassion fatigue, and hope to rebuild from tragedy, along with resources for help…”

Never trust a bad smell or scream.

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